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Saying Goodbye to The Old Me

And Saying Hello To The New Beautiful Me

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Tired of sighing at the clothing store? tired of crying in front of the mirror? tired of thinking about how hot you'll be once your skinny?
If you have struggled with weightloss and are ready to GET SERIOUS! this is the place for you. It does not matter how much weight you need to lose, all the matters is that your dedicated and you want to reach your goal weight so bad you are ready to take the challenge.

The Challenge:
To reach your goal weight by summer of 2006.

Important Facts: This community is meant to support and help each other reach our goal weight by summer of 06.
Your challenge begins within 24 hours of the submission of your application to the community. If you are not active you will be issued a warning, if warning is not answered you will be banned from the community.
RULES: We are here to ENCOURAGE each other! there will be no put downs in this community and NO person will be treated differently based on weight. If there are any insults or put downs you will be banned from the community immediately.
All of us here want to change, so let's get together and find that beautiful person that is under all that flab!

How will you reach this goal weight?